World Tourism Day?

World Tourism Day Falls on 26th September every year. It is led by UNWTO for raising awareness among citizens about the importance of tourism. It helps in the economic growth of a country as the tourism industry deals with a lot of manpower and resources.

The primary motive of World Tourism Day is to highlight the importance of tourism in the case of cultural enlightenment. It is a fact that no matter how small or big a country is, it will depend upon tourism for its growth and development.

It stands as a unique opportunity of raising awareness and contributing to sustainable development. The 2020 edition of World Tourism Day comes with a theme of “Tourism and Rural Development.”

Now coming back to Tourism, northeastern states are blessed with natural beauty and scenic environment. In this article, we are going to focus upon Tripura as a destination to travel next.

Tripura Tourism

Popular Tourist Destinations In Tripura

Tripura is identified as the cultural reservoir among the northeastern states of India. Blessed with temples, historical sites, the place has everything to offer to the travel enthusiasts. Also, the biodiversity hotspots are not to be missed as the state has plenty of those.

Ujjayanta Palace

It is one of the popular tourist’s destinations in Tripura. Decked as a white structure, located in the city of Agartala, this structure reminds us of its past glory. It was built by Maharaja Radha Kishore Manikya in 1901 AD.


Unakoti is the famous archaeological site in Tripura. It is also recognised as the Unakoti Archaeological Site. The ambience is full of murals, rock cravings, and waterfalls. Located over a slope, the place is surrounded by lush greenery.

Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary

Tripura also hosts beautiful wildlife sanctuaries for the wildlife enthusiasts. Sepahijala Wildlife sanctuary is home to different types of flora and fauna. You may get to see capped langur, spectacled monkey, jungle fowl, barking deer, clouded leopard, wild pig, etc.

Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary

The major attraction of the Trishna Wildlife sanctuary is the Indian Bison, also recognised as the Gaur. Also in this dense forest resides the endangered ape species known as the Hoolock Gibbon along with Golden Langur and Capped Langur.

Dumboor Lake

It is located in the Dhalai district of Tripura. It is known as Dumboor lake because it has to resemble the “dumboor” of Lord Shiva. During winters, the lake also witnesses the deluge of migratory birds.

Chaturdash Temple

It is also known as the temple of Fourteen Gods. Located in the West Tripura place of Khayerpur, the temple is associated with a great Hindu mythological epic called Mahabharata. Statues of different goods are also displayed on the interior of the temple.

These are some of the popular tourist destinations in Tripura that you should definitely keep an eye on. Travelling altogether is a healing process. It helps you to learn new things, cuisine, and the historical importance of a particular place. Once the COVID-19 situation is relaxed, make sure you travel to these beautiful destinations of Tripura.

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