What tourists need to know about Tripura

Tripura is one of the smallest provinces of the nation and it is located in the Himalaya’s cozy lap. Though it is small in terms of population and size, Tripura has diversities in nature. As a matter of fact, it is a natural beauty surrounded by rivers, sounding cataracts, running streams and deep valleys. The forests in Tripura are abundant in apes, deer, wolves, monkeys, bears, leopards and elephants. Other than its natural beauty, it is well known for sculptures and historical buildings. These are some reasons why Tripura tourism is quite famous.

What attracts tourists towards Tripura?

The dense backwoods of the forests in Tripura give us a relief while releasing us from boredom of the routine life we live. The forested greenery attracts people to experience an enjoyable outing with their friends and family. Apart from this, tourists can enjoy boating under moonlight on the flowing rivers such as the Khowai, the Sonai, the Dhalai, the Bhairabi and the Gomoti. There are also people who just want have a quiet and peaceful vacation. They can simply visit the elegant palaces and temples in Tripura. Temples like Tripureswari, Mahadebbari, Lakshminarayanbari, and Kasba Kalibari are some of the major tourist attractions in Tripura. Other than these, the ruins of Unakoti and Jagannath temple are well-known tourist attractions. Tripura also has a plethora of statues of gods as well as goddesses carved by several unknown devoted sculptors.
Although, a lot places are broken by the damages of time, they never fail attract the tourists. The popular palaces of Neermahal and Ujjayanta are magnificent to look at. Lets us dive in right away to find more information of the best tourist spots in Tripura.

Tripura State Museum ( Ujjayanta Place )

Tripura State Museum ( Ujjayanta Place )

This palace was earlier located within ten kilometers of Agartala. However, in 1897, due to an enormous earthquake, the Ujjayanta palace was destroyed. It was then reconstructed by Maharaja Radha Kishore Manikya in 1901. Mughal Garden, the main attraction of the Ujjayanta palace has artificial lakes, grassy blanket and musical fountains.  Anyone who travels to Tripura would never want to have a glance this marvelous architecture. The museum has issues collection of old coins, archaeological objects, stone carvings and many more. All these things let tourists evidence the present and the past lifestyle of Tripura.

Neermahal Palace

Neermahal Palace

The Neermahal palace is located in the center of Lake Rudrasagar in Tripura. Also, this palace is one among the most visited tourist destinations in Tripura. The name Neermahal Palace means water palace. This palace is also one of the seven wonders of the nation. The Neermahal Palace comprises of playing room, courtyard, Antar Mahal, guest room and many more.

Holy Place Unakoti


Unakoti means 1 less than 1 crore. This indicates the count of murals and rock carvings of Hindu deity found in this place. In general, Unakoti is a place where Goddesses and Gods became stone due to the curse of the Hindu God Shiva. Hence, a lot of people who go on Tripura tourism never fail to visit this place.

Jagannath Temple

The Jagannath Temple is located in the center of the Ujjayanta palace. When you look at the exterior part of this temple, you can find the Islamic architecture. On the other hand, an elegantly designed Hindu architecture can be seen in the interior part of the temple. Also, there is no need to mention that the primary deity of this temple is Lord Jagannath. However, along with the main deity, Devi Subhdra and Balaram are also worshipped in this temple.

Dumboor Lake

A Dumboor lake is the most attractive and favourite tourist place in Tripura surrounded with beautiful lush green vegetation and hills which leaves the onlookers enchanted. It is situated from the 10kms distance from the Agartala. Mostly tourist visit this place in winter season because this time various migratory birds visit this place.  It is an association of so many beautiful islands and widely spreaded by the water body. It gives pleasure and warmth to roam around via boat. Evening sunset is worth a watch here and even the morning sunrise as well as attractive.

Wildlife Sanctuary – Sipahijala

Wildlife Sanctuary – Sipahijala

The wild life sanctuary in Sipahijala surrounds about 19 kilometers in terms of area. It has around one hundred and fifty varieties of different wild creatures, orchids, and migratory birds. Also, the sanctuary offers elephant rides, boating amusement, rubber plantation, coffee, botanical garden and a lot more. One of the most unique things about this sanctuary is the spectacle monkey. All these things make Tripura tourism a hit among tourists from different parts of the nation.

Rabindra Kanan

Rabindra Kanan

Apart from the above mentioned attractions, Tripura also has Rabindra Kanan which is a recreational area with plenty of flowers and rich frondescence. Hence, Rabindra Kanan is one of the most favorite tourist spots for teenagers and youngsters. Other than the different types of flowers, the major attraction of this place is the Puppet House.

Neheru Park Agartala

Situated in P.N Complex, Nehru Park remains to be a popular tourist attraction in Tripura. Being a very quiet and calm atmosphere, the Nehru Park attracts a lot of travelers and tourists. Here, people can find loads of types of statues, flowers and artworks. Hence, the park attracts youngsters and lovers from around the country. While offering a peaceful atmosphere, Nehru Park is one of the tourist attractions in Tripura.

What else should tourists know about Tripura? The answer to this question can be a simple YES, there is a lot. However, it is not that easy to say it. This is because; there is a lot and lots of tourist attractions in Tripura. So, let’s go ahead and look at a few more attractions of this elegant location.

Jampui Hills

Jampui Hills, located 200 kilometers away from Agartala, is the highest range and it borders Mizoram. The pleasant climate and exquisite vistas are the major attraction of the hills. Apart from the heart-warming climate, the Jampui hills are also well-known for verdant foliage, beautiful orange orchids and many more. So, it is needless to say that travelers and tourists flood this place all 365 days in a year.

Rose Valley Amusement Park

The Rose Valley Amusement Park located in Amtali, is pretty close to Agartala. With loads of entertainments and amusements, the Rose Valley never fails to attract thousands of people almost throughout the year. Anyone who wishes to have a joyful experience in Tripura would never miss this park. If you are interested in visiting this amazing place, you have different options to travel. They are road transport, railways and air transport.

Venuban Vihar

Venuban Vihar is a calm and serene place right in the heart of Agartala, located in the Kunjaban area which also houses the Government offices and rest houses. What strikes most is the serenity that engulfs you once you walk a few steps within the premises of the monastery. The mild perfume of incense fills the air, making it more peaceful. It houses some very old metal figurines of Buddha. The beauty of the place lies in the peace and tranquility and cleanliness. This beautiful Buddhist temple houses exquisite metal idols of Lord Buddha and Bodhisattvas, which are of Myanmar origin. On the day of Buddha Purnima there are grand and dignified celebrations with ritual and religious fervor every year. A good, beautiful and quiet place in Agartala.

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