Travel after coronaviruses

After the long Nationwide lockdown in most of the countries, In this UNLOCK phase, the World is practicing the NEW NORMAL life. As countries begin to open after remaining in the lockdown for some months, restrictions are getting relaxed. But is it really a good decision to travel in COVID pandemic, travel in new normal? This question might be haunting you in some way. But there is no absolute answer to this

Getting Bored Of Being Stay At Home Over Six Months Due To COVID Pandemic? Don’t Worry, Its Time To Make Yourself Refreshed

Airlines in India are back into action from 25th May, the Indian Government allowed domestic flight to resume operations across the country. In a other hand, apart from some special trains permitted by Indian Railway, passenger movement by all other trains are cancelled until further official notice. A passenger can travel in those special train without showing any reason.

Now the decision to travel in COVID pandemic situation is entirely your choice, along with your responsibility to ensure your personal safety. The quarantine rules become relaxed in maximum states, but for some states COVID NEGATIVE report has to be shown. As India entered the UNLOCK 4.0 phase, more and more people are gearing up to embrace the new normal and venturing out to travel in new normal.
Here the factor which should be remember at the time of travel in COVID pandemic. But one thing you should remember always to travel in COVID pandemic situation, please install AAROGYA SETU app and update your status regularly.

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Maintain Social Distance

Follow social distancing norms very strictly and try not to touch things unnecessarily. While following this basic rule, you can lessen the chance of getting infected and have safe travel.

Go Cashless & Touchless

Coronavirus spreads with touch and it can be present on the cash, coins, and travel documents. Make sure you make payments digitally.

Limit your Baggage

As prescribed by the authorities, keep as limited luggage as possible. You can avoid using trolleys and travel with ease.

Ensure web check-in

As a responsible traveler, avoid standing in queue and keep as minimum interaction as possible. Make sure you do web check-in and avoid the chances of getting infected.

Take all the Safety Precautions

To travel safe and reach home healthy, you need to take all the preventive measures to fight coronaviruses. Wear a mask, face shield, gloves, and keep sanitizer handy to maintain proper hygiene. If possible, wash your hand with hand wash or soap frequently.

Containment Zone? Avoid Travel

If your locality comes under a containment zone, where there are a high number of positive cases then, you should avoid to travel. There are so many apps developed by the regulatory bodies where you can easily check the situation of your zone. In India, Arogya Setu is one app that contains all such information.

Carry Your Food From Home

Carry your food as much as you can from home. If you have to eat in hotels & restaurants, make sure that they are maintaining proper hygiene. Take your food, which freshly prepared. Do not take food directly from refrigerator.

Avoid Using Public Toilet

Avoid using public toilet at the time of travelling. Use your own hotel room toilet and ask the hotel authorities to wash and clean the toilet frequently.

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