In male testosterone plays a key role when it comes to the development of the reproductive tissue that includes testes and prostate.

Why you need more Testosterone
In male testosterone plays a key role when it comes to the development of the reproductive tissue that includes testes and prostate.  It is the primary hormone that is found in male and an anabolic steroid.  Not only the testosterone deals in reproductive issues within the body but also works on promoting sexual characteristics that are secondary in nature like an increase in bone mass and muscles as well.
The importance of testosterone

Testosterone works as the main sex hormone especially in Men although there is a little amount of testosterone found in Woman too.  The tests do produce testosterone which has immense importance, especially in a male body.  Due to the presence of testosterone physical changes are noticed in boys that turns them into a man.
Changes like the growth of the penis and testes, facial, pubic and body hair the growth, growth of strong bones and muscles, voice change purely depend on testosterone that is produced by the gonads.  Production of sperm which takes a key role in the process of reproduction is formed as a result of this testosterone hormone.

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Normal range of testosterone

According to the different studies conducted by the doctors all over the world, the normal range of testosterone is considered to be generally from 270 to 1070 ng/dL and the average level is considered at 679 ng/dL in males.  Anything below this range or above this range could be considered as low or high respectively.

In order to measure the range of one’s testosterone a blood test can be ordered by the physician and generally this test is carried out in the morning between 7 to 10 am when potentially the testosterone level remains higher than the rest of the day.  If one poses a testosterone level in the range of 500-1000 ng/dL then it can be termed as normal.

Testosterone Booster Food
 Symptoms of low testosterone

As stated earlier anything found below the normal range of testosterone can be considered as low testosterone.  Now there are different symptoms found in a human body by which one can get assured that their testosterone level has gone down.  These early signs include

  • Dropping of sex drive (which is one of the crucial signs).
  • Low sperm count.
  • Enlarged/tender breasts.
  • Poor erection (in case of a man).

Too much exercise, suffering from serious illness, malnutrition can certainly be the cause of the lowering of testosterone level in which case one must seek the advice of the doctor.

Foods that boost testosterone level

If you are suffering from low testosterone level then there are certain foods which can boost up the level within a short period of time.  Foods like Eggs, Almonds, Oysters, spinach, lemons can really help you out to lift up the testosterone level.

Other foods like Honey, garlic, Porridge Oats and Salmon, Tuna, and bananas can really works wonders in this case.  Most of these foods contain enzymes called bromelain which generally does improves the testosterone level from inside. It increases human growth naturally and is an important hormone that is secreted by your pituitary gland. Testosterone is a naturally-occurring steroid hormone that regulates masculinity and nurture health. Growth hormone and testosterone almost having a synergistic relationship when it comes to their physiological processes. And what’s’ more important; testosterone helps to increase or ‘modify’ the strength of growth hormone in tissues due to its androgenic-anabolic effects.

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