Refund Policy

As we Working on totally online services , we are providing refunds based on service delivery and status .

  • After talking the order ( Review , Advertising , Digital Marketing ,Tourism , Counselling ,Content Writing and any downloadable products ) we will start working on after 24 hours ,once we start working on your order we can’t refund the money ,so if you think your mind is change or facing any issues on given order within 24 hours ,so please contact immediately. We may refund your full amount within 7-10 working days.
  • In Website development We also start working on your order after 24 hours ,so you have 24 hours to get full refund . Once start working on your order we can not refund full amount . We will charged you as we spend the money on completing your order .

Please make sure that you’ve carefully read service description before making a purchase. Contacting us If you would like to contact us concerning any matter relating to this Refund Policy, you may send an email to

This document was last updated on November 19, 2020