Pre Winter Skin Care

“Sensational tresses like locks of snow
Passionate eyes like embers aglow
A pale face with indication of desire
Surrounded by subtle white fire..”

Winter is Coming! This is the advice on How to Fight Dry Skin As the weather gets nippy there is one thing that most of us start dreading about. Chapped lips and dry, flaky skin are a few things most of us hate about winters. Our skin is stripped off moisture and requires additional care. This would not only including treating your skin right during winters but right from the pre-winter season.

You should be mindful of certain things to ensure healthy, hydrated, glowing skin. Hot water baths – though comforting – Can damage your skin, make sure you moisturize well after taking bath. Go easy on bleaching your skin, it strips your skin off essential oils and moisture. Just because the sun is not that strong during winters, does not mean that you can stay in direct sunlight for hours altogether, protecting your skin from harmful UV rays is till important.

These Are The Primary Things You Should Follow:

Keep yourself hydrated. Drink adequate water, and eat warming foods and seasonal fruits and vegetables—to build immunity and compensate for what the cold winds and dry air take away.

Lower the temperature of your bathing water. Lukewarm baths are always welcome but don’t over-indulge. Get rid of soaps with parabens and sulfates. Switch to ones instead that keep your skin smooth and your skincare routine, natural. Click here to buy them now!

Never forget to apply body lotion–right after a bath and before going to bed. Not only will this help you relax but also keep your skin healthy. Change out of wet clothes immediately. You are letting the cold inside your body and making yourself vulnerable to the common cold, cough and headache.

Skin Care Routine To Fight With Dry Skin

Most women get affected with dry skin problem during winters, no matter what their skin type, because cold winds tend to absorb most of the moisture from your skin and leave it rough and dull. The air outside is dry, but your skin need not be! Simply follow this pre winter skincare routine for dry skin, and let’s see the result.

Remember if your skin is naturally dry, exfoliate it on a regular basis will only make it worse. It’s best to stick to a gentle facial cleanser that is not just hydrating but also efficient in retaining your skin’s natural moisture. Before going for a bath, apply some glycerin on your face and hands and let it stay for an hour or so. While bathing, opt for a gentle shower gel and avoid scrubbing your skin too much.

You can go for an oil-based moisturizer for your face and arms so that it hydrates your skin effectively. Before going to bed make sure you clean your makeup and wash your face thoroughly before going to bed. Glycerin and aloe Vera go a long way in hydrating the skin and protect the skin’s natural moisture. Make a mixture of these two readily available ingredients and apply it to your face before going to bed. Leave it overnight, and you will notice your skin feel soft and hydrated the next morning.

So, keep enjoying the festive season with a glowing flawless skin.

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