Room Decoration After Marriage

If kitchen is the heart of a house, then bedroom is the brain of that house. It makes your day, energised you, and makes a feeling of completeness. The bedroom is the only room in your home that lets you undergo an important therapy, what we call as Relaxation! Not only relaxation, it is also a good place to seek extreme peace.

After long and hard working hours, everyone wants to drop their things and head towards the bedroom. For a newly married couple, this area is even more special. It is one of those places where they get to spend quality time with each other. So don’t you think bedroom decoration and decor ideas are essential for them? When it comes to such situations, there are several things that need to be kept in mind. It will be more special if you just got married, and want a special romantic feelings in your bedroom.

When it comes to making the bedroom a more romantic place for you and your partner, you don’t necessarily need to go all out with flowers and chocolates – unless it’s a special occasion. You can keep the bedroom feeling romantic all year long with something as simple as some sultry colors. Check out these colour ideas and feel yourself becoming inspired.

1.Raspberry Pink

These raspberry pink bedroom hues are a subtle and sweet way to add some romantic vibes into the bedroom. You can make this color more subdued or more vibrant depending on taste and preference. Darker raspberry hues cast an interesting vibe across a room and makes for a really beautiful color.

2 .Red with Red Accents

You really can’t go wrong when it comes to incorporating red with red accents. In this romantic style bedroom, the red color is only accented by the goldish/brick painting in the background. You can easily pair up several different kinds of red to create a room that is romantic and captivating.

3 .Caramel/ Earthy Browns

These brown tones are great for creating a soothing, more romantic tone into a bedroom. This is a great way to add some romance without having to overdo it or use colors that are distracting. In this bedroom, setting the earthy tones do all the work and add in a romantic feel without taking away from the space.

Can you decorate your parent’s or kid’s bedroom like that of the newly married couples? NO! The bedroom of the newly married couple must be different from that of others. So, in case a newly married couple is looking for bedroom makeover and ideas then here are some tips that you must follow to get the best look and cozy space for your sleep.

1. Put a Sofa, Chair

For a newly married couple, it is essential to have a room that is designed to offer a good romantic look, feel along with a perfect ambiance. You can get this romantic feel through aromas, perfumes, light curtains, paintings and snapshots of your wedding memories on the walls. Use bright as well as dim light for situations and occasions. You must be having loads of ideas for your heaven like bedroom.

2.  Drink Coffee Together

During the first few years of wedding, it is the time to know and talk to each other so as to understand your partner. This can be best done by adding a coffee table and two chairs within the bedroom like shown above. Use this space to talk, discuss and understand things while making sweet memories.

3. Do not Overdo

Overdoing the decoration and making it crowded is quite common in the context of the Bedroom. Keep it simple and well decorated. But remember that entire wall full of paintings or too many chairs are just distracting and odd to look at. The more you think, the more you get confused.

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