Earn Money While Your Are a Student , May be you are a student of Science or Commerce or Arts, may be you will earn a lots while you will get jobs, may be your parents are rich enough, but while you are a student, you need money for several reasons.

You might find it difficult at times to ask/obtain money from your parents. This is faced by all of us. You get into college and want to live in your way. But without money, you feel very incomplete because you cannot avail everything. This may lead you to frustration and sometimes helpless while you cannot make your parents understand why you need money little bit more. 

So, if you want to come out from this cage and want to live in your way, then, you must take some steps. No, this article will never teach you any illegit business or money earning method. Rather I will teach you a very legit method of earning. Rather you can say this method is the one for those who are not only dedicated to work hard but also who are quite academic and love to study. If you are a typical person who loves to write, read and share, then, this is the article for you. And you will get amazed when ultimately the cash will start to flow in your bank account.

There are several advantages of this job – you need not to go somewhere, simply you can do from your home, room, dormitory. You just need a laptop or smartphone. Now you might be thinking what that special job can be. Well, it is nothing but you can write articles for publishing on the internet.

Now there might be lots of questions in your mind – how you will get payment for that, how to get writing job, etc. You will get certainly get writing jobs and get paid by encasing your knowledge. But first, you need to know the ways of writing articles for publishing in the websites.

Firstly, we call it blogs and blogs differ from normal articles in many aspects. There are different parts of blogs and different aspects to maintain while writing. If all these aspects are maintained then only the quality of the blog will be maintained and you will be getting more jobs of writing blogs.

Yes, you can write blogs about anything, but one of the most highly rated blogs are those which are about health and related fields. So, converting yourself into a blogger and that also a health blogger will be great for you to make some cash. The things that you need to get started are a laptop/tablet/smartphone. Just bt writing and sharing your opinion, you can start earning in hundreds and eventually can reach thousands. Before happening that great things in your life, there is an obstacle. That is a proper blogger training

Now why there is a need of training? What kind of training? Where it is available? Why I need to be trained before writing a simple article? – These are some questions that can come to your mind. But you need to understand that blogs are not simple article. There are some aspect to it. Writing a blog is much different. While reading blogs on the internet, you may not understand, but a blogger needs to keep many aspects in mind while writing a blog. Your blog should provide a quality and useful information for which the blogger must research information before writing. Then the blog must be written with usage of certain keywords which will later help the blog article to increase the visibility to the users that specific blog article. There are hell lots of blogs on the internet. But how to make your blog article more visible so that the users can easily get to your blog article and you can have a good number of readers. You may be confused by now. Now to be a good blogger and to satisfy your clients (who owns website and wants to hire you as a blog writer), you need to know many technical viewpoints regarding blogging. Talking specifically about the health blogger, if you have a little knowledge about health sciences, it will be great. Everyday so many web pages are coming up and existing articles are needed to be updated, so, there is a high demand of health bloggers. 

For getting a good training and also affordable, with no doubt, you can search online. But with confident, it can be said that you cannot get a good one for health blogger. With your health science knowledge and orientation along with your blogging skill training, you can be a competent blogger in the market. But in many cases, the blogger may not be from science background or may not be from health science stream From technical training of blogging to orientation of health sciences can be obtained in very few online blogging courses. Above all you need a very good certificates from the course organizer so that you can later present that certificates to get more and more jobs. 

The most competent online health blogging course that you can get at this moment which will include from basics of blogging to technical side of blogging to health sciences knowledge is the one shown below

Certification Course By

Click this link to visit the course details page:

Then you can connect the admin of the course to talk to them directly about the course. Apart from everything, this course is very much affordable

Check the details and get started with the course. Once you are qualified, you are ready to dive into the sea of blogging and earn money forever. Now no need to ask money from your parents. Make yourself independent. 

About the Author:

Dr. Dipan Samanta (MBBS) is a registered doctor from Kolkata, India. He is also a professional health blogger and CEO of He has written many health blogs which are quite high performing. With the knowledge of medical science, he combined his blogging skill to write high quality blogs. He is quite appreciated by his clients. 

He is involved in training for Indian License exams for Foreign Medical Graduates and also work as Medical Thesis/Research Paper writer professionally. He already published an academic paper in an international journal. He also works as Online Medical Consultant as well.

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