On this year 2020, 14th November, all the Indians will celebrate the Festival of Light, Festival of Joy, the Festival of Love. This year on this auspicious occasion wish your relatives & friends virtually. May god bring the light in our life and protect us from this pandemic situation.

The word Diwali is originated from the Sanskrit word meaning row of lights. Hence, people often line earthen lamps at their home to illuminate their personal space. Also, celebrated on Amavasya (no moon night), Diwali is celebrated with earthen lamps and artificial lights illuminate up the place. We have read stories about Diwali how Lord Ram returned after an exile of 14 years and people of Ayodhya welcomed him by lighting the entire streets with earthen lamps. It was the darkest night of the Kartik month of Hindu Lunisolar calendar. Millions of Hindus around the world celebrate Diwali with gift exchanges, fireworks and festive meals. The Diwali celebration in India takes place when the monsoon season ends and the weather is mild and pleasant. People try to pay off their old debts, make or buy new clothes and thoroughly clean their houses as part of the festival preparations. House exteriors are whitewashed and sometimes decorated with designs drawn in white rice flour and filled in with color. Buildings are traditionally illuminated with oil-burning bowls called dipa lights, or more recently, with strings of artificial lights. People spend time with their friends and family.

According to the Skanda Purana, the earthen lamps or the Diyas symbolise the Sun, describing it the cosmic giver of light and energy. But as per the Hindu epic Ramayana, Diwali is the day when Lord Rama, Goddess Sita, Lakshmana and Hanuman returned to Ayodhya after spending 14 years in forests. Many Hindus also believe that Goddess Lakshmi was born on Diwali during the churning of cosmic ocean (Samudra Manthan).

A Vedic legend also suggests that it was on the night of Diwali when Goddess Lakshmi chose to stay with and wed Lord Vishnu. Along with Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Ganesha is also remembered as the symbol of new beginnings and worshipped on the day of Diwali. Where as, people of East India associate Diwali with Goddess Durga and her fierce Kali avatar while people on Braj region of Northern India, people believe that Diwali was the day when Krishna overcame and destroyed evil king Narakasura.

On this special occasion share your beautiful thoughts and messages with your family, friend & special one. Here are some messages, share it or add some topping of your own.

  1. A festival full of sweet childhood memories, sky full of fireworks, mouth full of sweets, house full of diyas and heart full of joy. Wishing you all a very Prosperous Diwali.
  2. On Diwali, wishes for every joy and prosperity. Here’s hoping, that the beauty of this festival of lights, bring a world of joy, happiness and contentment to you, to last the whole year through. Happy Diwali!
  3. May the warmth and splendor, that are a part of this auspicious occasion, fill your life with happiness and bright cheer, and bring to you joy and prosperity, for the whole year. Happy Diwali!
  4. May this Diwali bring universal compassion, the Inner joy of peace and love and the awareness of oneness to all. Happy Diwali!
  5. The sun does not shine there, nor do the moon and the stars, nor do lightning shine? All the lights of the world cannot be compared even to a ray of the inner light of the Self. Merge yourself in this light of lights and enjoy the supreme Deepavali. Happy Diwali!

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