Content is the king of any website or blog ,today I will discuss  all the information about content writing including earning opportunity and how to become an successful content writer.

Types of Content


Before become a good content writer we should know about Content . Content is what we see in a website or blog that’s  mean in a website all the visible things is content .

Types Of Content ?

There are different types of content we can see in an website .

    • Text/ Article.
    • Image.
    • Video.
  • Info-graphic.

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Today I only Discuss about Text Content. Text is the king of content ,In an Website maximum content is text ( Article ) . Using text we can share and publish  information , experiences that can make a good impression about our brand, product and services.There is some key point to write a good text content.

      1. Write a meaningful Headline that’s can determines whether visitor or audiences will read the rest of your article.
      1. Use sub-heading to grabs attention on every sub-topic.
      1. Do keyword research using Keyword everywhere tools or google ads , That’s can help you to write SEO friendly (Optimize content) content.
      1. Research on the subject for giving best knowledge and information.
      1. Focus on a single purpose , you should identify at least one key massage you would like to convey before you write your content.
      1. Content should be write a unique ,simple and quality to your company ,brand or services personality. It’s important to align the tone of your writing to your target visitor,customers and business goals.
    1. After created your article , you should check again if there any mistake or missing word’s.

What is Content Marketing ?

Its a type of Marketing in which you give some important, useful and  Valuable information content such as text article, Image , Video or info-graphics to people with intention of creating a good impression regarding your brand,products or services.

   In this type of Marketing you does not promote  or sell directly products and services to people.

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Earning opportunity as content writer ?

There is two different way to earn money by writing content/Article.

  • Freelance – You can start  content writing as freelancer from your home . There is some freelance website in India or Out of India where you can apply for Join as freelancer and Now-a-days there is also some Facebook group . Some group member always  post their requirement . You can contact with them for get lead.
  • Job – Some company Hire Content writer for promoting their product and services. When you will be experienced you may hire by good company like News paper ,News Channel, Website, Organisation or e-commerce company.Where your salary will be minimum 15k-25k , Based on your experienced ,content quality ,Skill ,Language tone and Company who hired you.
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