You could become the best version of yourself right this second, but you are falling victim to being careless, of being lazy. Part of maximizing your productivity and being happy with yourself includes eliminating habits that drain you. You have developed these habits that are ruining you, are a waste of time and energy, and are also bad for your health.

In this article, let’s talk about the top 5 habits that are ruining you, and you need to get rid of them immediately.

1) Not prioritizing sleep

– Neglecting sleep is the biggest mistake you could make. It is just as important as staying fit and eating healthy. A good amount of sleep every single night will improve your productivity drastically, and always keep you in a relaxed mood.

With all the activities that you do throughout the day, the body requires time to reset.

For example: Let’s talk about how hectic a celebrity’s lifestyle/work schedule is. The celebrity could be an actor, or a sportsman, or a writer, or even a blogger, everyone has to work according to their requirements, and limits. After an entire day of working, the only two things the body craves are Food and Rest.

Irrespective of what you do throughout the day, or how hard you work, you can not achieve optimal health without prioritizing sleep.

2) Having a negative mindset.

– Negativity is often a product of insecurity. It can become a habit easily and destroy your chances of happiness. A negative mindset can result in depression, anxiety, social withdrawal, further ruining your sleep cycle as well. 

How can you overcome this?

  • Start being optimistic. Look at the bright side. If you fail at something today, think of it as a tougher challenge, and a sweeter success.
  • Be around people that make you happy. Lonely people tend to be much more negative than others. Simply because they do not have the opportunity to speak their mind, and release their stress.
  • Start doing things you love. Read a book, watch your childhood cartoons, watch a new movie, go play your favorite sport.
  • Remember, we all have hard times. When you’re going through a rough time, remember that it happens to everyone. It’s just your turn, and it’ll eventually pass away. Things will get better very soon.

3) Not taking hygiene seriously.

– Hygiene is an immensely important and necessary factor for your health. Personal hygiene is just how you take care of yourself. In the end, being hygienic will help you improve your relationships with people that are around you and trigger self-confidence altogether. Let’s talk about this with an example:

  • Think of the times when your hair feels itchy, or your nails look dirty, or how your armpits stink. Think of how much it annoys you, and basically ruins your mood.
  • Now, think of the times, when your hair feels silkier, your nails look cleaner, your body smells of deodorant. Think of how much it elevated your mind, and makes you happier.

See the sudden difference? It’s just that easy.

4) High Screen-time.

Screen-time is not harmful, but unnecessary and incalculable screen-time is. This i=could be the prime reason for your laziness, and carelessness. 

Remember all the times that you’ve delayed important work projects, just because you couldn’t get off your phone. It’s unnecessarily time-consuming and makes you unproductive.

Furthermore, it is bad for your eyesight. For the youth, this is the leading cause of unproductivity. Just make compact changes,

What to do?

  • Read the actual newspaper for news instead of on the phone.
  • Try playing physical games, instead of on your phone.
  • Limit usage of social media, and your screen time will automatically go down.
  • Charge your phone less often. (Keep your battery percentage low, not your phone switched off)

5) Avoiding physical activities.

I believe, there is no need to elaborate on this point. All of us understand the importance of staying fit. Working out or staying active in general is not only good for your physical state, but it will also consequently improve your mental and emotional health, as it boosts your confidence and morale. In order to enhance your quality of life, this is the most important point on the list.

(Bonus Tip): Habit to get rid of:

6) Not spending time with family

– This cannot be stressed enough. Start spending quality time with your family. In today’s younger generation, neglecting one’s family has become a trend. People do not realize how important this you.

Stop avoiding your family. Here’s an example of how it affects your mood:

  • Fair to say, no family is perfect. Everyone has problems inside-out. However, the more you avoid confronting those problems, the more you start bothering yourself with them.
  • Remember this, Talk about your family problems to your family members.
  • Talk about your friend circle’s problems to your friends.
  • The more you mix these two things up, the more you complicate it for yourself.

All of these habits? You don’t just want to stop them, but replace them with habits that are in effect beneficial for you. That is the way of growing mentally, physically, and emotionally altogether.

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